Occupy Wall Street Movement

Kelly Cordingley, Emily Brown, News Editor, Opinion Editor

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement for economic justice started on Aug. 17, 2011, when thousands of people marched up Lower Manhattan and Broadway.
The people marched to spark conversation of the general economic issues plaguing the county: the high unemployment rate (currently at 9.1 percent), the deficit and corporate greed.

Since then, the protesters’ message has spread across the world.
According to occupywallst.org there have been Occupy Wall Street inspired protests in more than 82 countries.
In Rome, a peaceful protest movement became deadly when a group of protesters started torching cars and breaking windows.
The NYC protesters plan to protest for an entire two months, and according to foxnews.com, more than $300,000 has been donated to the protest movement. Hygienic products, blankets and canned food have also been donated. These donated goods have been used throughout the occupation, and for the hundreds of protesterswho have been jailed for wearing masks.