New girls bowling team starts at BV

Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

The extensive list of sports and activities at BV has a new addition — girls bowling.
Art teacher Mark Mosier, who sponsored the bowling club a few years ago, will coach BV’s first bowling team.
“Three or four years ago, we had a bowling club at BV,” he said. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays we would go up to College Lanes in a school van from about 3:30 to 5 and just bowl for fun.”
Last year, it was brought to the attention of the BV School District that Olathe and Shawnee Mission schools had bowling teams.
“It’s not like they just said ‘Oh, let’s make a bowling team,’” Mosier said. “They have to do recommendations through the District Activities Committee and the Board of Education.”
Mosier said he hopes the team will compete at a high level at competitions.
“We’re scheduled to have five meets,” he said. “We’ll go, and three [schools] will all bowl, and we’ll compare the scores. Then we’ll have one BV meet at the end of the season with all the Blue Valley high schools.”
The team will practice at Olathe East Lanes.
“We’ll always have a bus or van for transportation because we know a lot of the kids won’t be able to drive,” he said.
Mosier said the season will be brief, starting in January and ending in late February.
“We’ll probably bowl for an hour and a half a couple days a week,” he said. “We won’t wake up and practice at 5 a.m. and have summer workouts and all that. It’ll just be a couple days a week after school.”
Depending on availability of the bowling lanes, try-outs will take place Dec. 5 or 6, or both days. The official time and dates will be announced. The season will then begin after winter break.
After tryouts, six varsity bowlers, six junior varsity bowlers, and one alternate bowler will be chosen. The team will have 13 total players.
Senior Sara Specht said she plans on trying out and hopes to make the team.
“I think it would be a fun senior experience,” she said. “It’s something totally new and different. It would really just be so much fun.”
She said the bowling team will be a great way to bring people together.
“The bowling team would show people that an individual sport can become a team sport,” she said. “You’d have to rely on each other.”
Mosier said he is excited about the upcoming season.
“This bowling thing seems to be taking off like wild- fire,” he said.
The first official bowling team meeting was Tuesday, Oct. 25.
If you missed the meeting but are still interested in trying out for the team, stop by Mosier’s room for more information.