BV 2012 bond issue asks for $271 million, will improve schools

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

If the 2012 bond issue passes in the Blue Valley district, $271,285,031 will be allocated to different projects within the district.The bond money would go towards improving and upgrading technology, improving safety and re-investments to the BV facilities.
“Whenever you buy a desktop for your home you know its lifetime is about four years,” District Superintendent Tom Trigg said. “We buy this technology for the kids and at some point is has to be replaced. I’d like to see more technology in the hands of students.”
There will be $84 million given to technology needs, $20 million to safety improvements and $167 million to facility improvements. Included in some of the facility improvements would be upgrades to the BV football stadium.
“We’d like to make it look better, maybe a brick facade like the 135 [street] and Switzer [road] location,” Trigg said. “It’s also time for the home side bleachers to be replaced for safety, the press box needs to be enlarged. It’s an aging stadium.”
All registered voters in the BV district  will be mailed a postcard in early January, they will mark their votes and send it back to district to cast their vote. The ballots must be received by noon on January 31 and will be counted, with the results ready by 1 p.m. that day.
“We find more people vote when the ballot is mailed than when people have to be proactive,” he said.
If the bond is passed, it is projected it will cost the owner of a $250,000 home in the BV district $75 per year.
“According to surveys, voters say this is a positive investments for kids and [residents] housing values,” he said. “The majority approves the direction of the district.”