Headrush literary magazine now accepting submissions

Evelyn Davis, Staff Photographer

Headrush is now accepting art and writing submissions for the 2011-12 edition.
“Headrush is meant to be a place where people can express themselves and present their creative interests,” editor-in-chief senior Mollie Chesis said.  “We want to give people a chance to share the way they see the world.”
While Headrush is composed largely of art and writing, Chesis said that this year they are encouraging students to submit original music; both lyrics and composition.  Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] or given to Mr. Pittman, and will be due Jan. 13. The Headrush staff will spend second semester compiling the submissions, and the magazine will be available mid-April.
“Our job as a staff is to take the literature and artwork and find the meaning behind it and present it in a way that everyone can appreciate it,” Chesis said. “We want to push boundaries. We want people to be as crazy or deep as they can be.”