Facebook hacking creates problems, causes students to reconsider accounts

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

Over the past week, Facebook has been hacked and images of abused animals and pornography have been posted.
Some Facebook users have opted to make the switch to Twitter after viewing these images.
“It was a contest between the two [Twitter and Facebook] but now because of all this I’m all Twitter,” junior Maggie Creamer said.
Many users were upset to see these images pop up on their news feed, where they expected to see their friends updates.
“Because it is on our news feed it is forcing people to see thing they don’t want to see,” junior Sarah Hill said. “It is your Facebook so you should be able to control what you see.”
According to CNN, Facebook is now working towards updating and further enhancing the security.
“Whoever is putting those pictures up is seriously disturbed because they’re not taking into account how it’ll affect everyone else who sees it,” Hill said.
According to the Washington Post, this is the worst breach in security during Facebook’s history.
According to the Washing Post, future hackers could lure account holders friends and family members to sites where they’d be tricked into revealing personal information.
Did you get hacked or come across accounts posting hacked material? Are you considering moving to Twitter or deactivating your Facebook account, or are you a die-hard Facebook fan? Comment and tell us what you think.