First-ever Principles of Engineering Event scheduled

Abby Bamburg, Entertainment Editor

For students thinking about a job in engineering, CAPS will be hosting the Principles of Engineering Event is this Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011, from noon to 2:30.
BV math and Principles of Engineering (POE) teacher Kyle Braden collaborated with POE teachers at BVW and BVNW to put the event together.
Braden said students will be put into teams of two and will build a car out of a kit, including a mousetrap, wheels, gears and axles.
“The students want their mouse trap car to go the fastest and they want it to go the furthest,” he said.
Braden said his role is to teach the students a 12-step design process.
“They will have to do things, like they will have to research,” Braden said. “They have to make a decision on what type of car they are going to build. They’re going to make a proto type. They’re going to test it,and then they are going to adjust their design.”
He said this is the first year they decided to do something like this.
“The purpose is really to try to get some kids interested in the engineering strand,” Braden said.