School-wide power outage leads to early dismissal, cancellation of after-school activities


Jordan McEntee, Sports Editor

BVHS administrators released students from classes a few minutes after 2 p.m. today due to a school-wide power outage.
At about 1:15, a majority of the school’s classrooms lost power, with a few exceptions. At 1:34, all power in the entire building went out, and the entire school went black.
Administrators and other faculty members positioned themselves in the hallways, advising students to remain in their classrooms. However, some teachers moved their students into hallways with strong natural light to continue teaching.
With finals around the corner, several students were frazzled when power suddenly went off. Sophomore Rachel Hunt said her Emerging Technologies class was working on their final projects when the power went out.
“I was on the computer doing my project, and I hadn’t saved it yet,” she said. “I was almost done, but now it’s probably all gone. It’s definitely going to make it harder to get our projects done since everything wasn’t saved.”
As the school was dark, administrators worked to assess the situation.
“We had to decide what was best for the students,” Campus Police Officer Dennis Randall said. “Is it better to leave them in their classrooms, go to the commons or stagger release to send them home? In the end, it was really [Principal Scott] Bacon and the administration’s decision.”
Administrators determined that the power outage was a result of two blown transformers across 159th Street.
“Two of the three transformers that fuel our school went out,” administrator Mark Dalton said. “We called Kansas City Power and Light, but by the time they got here, students would already be out of school. This has happened more than one. It’s also the same transformer that blew multiple times.”
So after 45 minutes of waiting, students were released by hallway to avoid excessive traffic.
All evening activities that were to take place at BVHS Monday night have been cancelled.