Second semester class changes

Olivia Roudebush, Staff Photographer

The final day to change classes for this semester is Tuesday, Jan. 10.
Counseling secretary Cindy Snell said the reason for the deadline is more for the teachers’ sake.
“Teachers are having to hold off on teaching because so many different kids are transferring and leaving their classes,” she said. “Having the cut-off date allows teachers to get back on track.”
Several students are interested in changing some of their classes this semester, but not everyone gets into the classes they desire.
“Around 200 to 300 [students] easy, maybe more, try and switch their classes,” Snell said. “I would say there is a higher percentage of kids who get the classes they want, but some classes are harder to get into than others, like trying to go from AP Euro to regular European History is very hard to do.”
One of the largest challenges students must complete is going through the process of changing classes.
Snell said the process must go in order and all steps must be completed by Tues. Jan. 10.
1. Pick up a transfer form located in the office.
2. Look at the master schedule in the office to see if the desired class is available.
3. Pick up a “Course Drop/Add” form and have the teacher whose class the student is dropping sign as well as the student’s parent or guardian.
4. Have a meeting with a counselor to finalize the transfer.
5. Check back in the office to see if your schedule change was approved and pick up the new schedule in the office a few days later.