City-Wide dance cancellation results in refunds

Annie Matheis, Features Editor

The City Wide High School danced scheduled for Dec. 21 was cancelled due to low ticket sales. All the tickets sold by the prom committee will be refunded by Friday, Jan. 13.
The refunds will be available for students to pick up in the office.
“The reason that it takes so long is because you deposit the money to the district,” prom committee sponsor Jessica Janish said. “In order to withdraw money from that, you need to write each student a check. So the bookkeeper, in the office, has to enter each student in individually as a vendor. So it takes a long time for her to do that.”
The dance was to be hosted by Steve Serrano from Mix 93.3, and a portion of each ticket sold to the dance by prom committee would be donated to the prom fund.
Prom committee sold 80-90 tickets to the dance for $10 each.
“The prom committee was disappointed because it was an opportunity for us to raise money,” Janish said. “But, it just didn’t work out.”