Annual Activity Fair tonight

Taylor Yeazel, Staff Writer

Blue Valley’s Activity Fair will take place  in the commons at 7:40 p.m. on Jan. 25. It is a part of the the eighth grade Curriculum Night. Tables for different extra-curricular and co-curricular activities will be set up for eighth graders and their parents to see what activities BV offers.
“The Activity Fair is a portion of the eighth grade night where the eighth graders come over and get to travel around to different areas,” assistant principal Mollie McNally said. “First, they listen to the different presentations on the subject areas, and the activities portion is in the commons where the students and their parents can go around and visit the different tables to find out about different sports they might want to play, different clubs they might want to be involved with, and some of the elective classes have tables, too. It’s really just an opportunity for eighth grades to see all that there is to be involved with at Blue Valley High School.”
Students involved in activities attend the event to talk to the eighth graders about different activities.
“They’re at the tables too,” McNally said. “It’s kind of at the coach’s or sponsor’s discretion, but they’re highly involved with talking to students. As an eighth grader, you want to come in and see what we have, but you don’t just want to see the adults. It’s nice to have the students here to kind of show them what it’s all about and all of the different things they can do.”
McNally said the event usually gets positive feedback.
“It’s great for parents to come in, especially for parents with their first high school kid,” she said. “[The parents] can come in and see what to expect. It helps to answer questions that they’re starting to have because their kid is getting ready to go to high school.”
McNally said attendance is important for the eighth graders to see where their new “home” is going to be.
“I think it’s very important to attend for the reason they do attend — to see what high school’s all about,” she said. “It’s different. It’s a big difference from middle school. It’s bigger. There’s many more things to do and a lot more after school activities to be involved with. This starts the beginning of your journey to preparing for college and graduating. Four years goes by really quick and I think any time you can get a good handle on coming into something, I think you feel more comfortable.”