BV welcomes both new and returning clubs

Raine Andrews, Photo Editor

With the new school year underway, clubs and activities are becoming more active at BV. With the return of old clubs as well as the creation of new ones, students have a variety of activities to choose from this year.

Every other Tuesday, National History Honors Society (NHHS) meets in room 608.
“I could never really connect with other clubs at the school and honestly my only passion in life has been history and current events,” founder senior Nate Provost said.
He said he started the club hoping it would help people become more aware of world cultures and why things are the way they are today.
“People are so ill informed about the world today,” he said. “They’ll believe anything they hear, which frustrates me a lot.”
Like other honor societies, NHHS has certain requirements to join. Students must have a 3.5 GPA in an AP history class or a 4.0 in a regular history class.
“There is also a point system we go by, but that is explained when you join,” Provost said.
Students interested in joining who meet the requirements should check out the group’s Facebook page “National History Honor Society” or stop by room 608 on a Tuesday around 3 p.m.

“I am going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” — Godfather.
“You talking to me?” — Taxi Driver.
“Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” — The Pride of the Yankees.
Recognize any of these lines? If you want to learn or find out more famous movie quotes, then consider joining Blue Valley’s Fellowship for the Investigation of Laudable Movies (FILM) Club.
In February 2012, seniors Becky Winegarner and Gracie Gallagher created FILM Club.
“It seemed like a fun way to leave our mark at Blue Valley,” Gallagher said. “Becky has this large collection of classic films, and we thought it would be interesting to start a club where we watch movies and discuss their cultural impact a few times a month.”
Although the the club started off small, they want to build attendance by inviting kids from all of the BV schools to join.
“We’re hoping to expand the club more this year,” she said. “Just last night, [Monday, Sept. 3], we had 3 students from [BV] West attend a movie viewing, and actually right now I’m chatting with a girl from [BV] North who has a film club there too. Also, we’re going to try to expand downwards into the younger grades.”
Gallagher said the club is like a film studies class, but without any quizzes or tests.
“We want the atmosphere to be fun and inviting, but we’re also learning through our discussions at meetings,” she said. “Members would gain an appreciation for older films they might never have had a chance to see.”
Some of the movies FILM Club plans to watch this year include The Searchers, Some Like It Hot, Psycho and Jaws.
“We go mainly off of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Movies ever made in America list,” Winegarner said. “However, on October 6th we’re having a Disney VHS-athon, so we break it up with other stuff sometimes.”
Students interested in joining can check out their Facebook page, “BVHS F.I.L.M. Club,” or contact Winegarner.

A club for students who have a passion for reading is in the works at Blue Valley — Book Club. Although the club is not yet approved by administration, founder junior Ariba Ahmad said she is excited to get things started.
“[Junior Riley Adelmund] and I both thought it would be a fun and exciting way to meet new faces,” Ahmad said. “We want people to just be able to get a fun experience out of reading, have more things to talk about with their friends and make new connections. People may find out more about themselves through our discussions, or through the books themselves.”
The group plans to have a list of young-adult books for members of both genders to select from.
“We want to welcome boys, and if we were to have some we would make sure they would enjoy reading [the books] too,” she said.
Ahmad said she plans for the club to vote on which books to read and meet again after two weeks to discuss the book.
Ahmad also plans to bring in librarian Peggy Hendershot, who works at a local Johnson County Public Library, to help the group.
“[Hendershot] has kindly given up her time to come and talk to us about the newest books and trends, and just discuss our love of reading,” Ahmad said.
As of right now, Book Club will be held the first Thursday of every month starting in October, but the date is subject to change.
Students interested in joining or getting more information should contact Ahmad through Facebook.