Fields of Faith event occurring soon, students invited to attend regardless of religious affiliation

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

Fields of Faith will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 7 p.m. in the BV football stadium. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) leader senior Erica Lange said Fields of Faith is a Christianity-based event at which different speakers discuss stories of faith experiences during their lives. There is live music and time at the end for students to discuss religion with each other.
“People and their peers, friends and teammates can attend Fields of Faith,” Lange said. “Certain leaders provide testimonies and explain their faith life, and what it means to them.”
Lange said Fields of Faith is for anybody, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or level of religious enthusiasm.
“Fields of Faith is for anyone,” she said. “Anyone who knows Christ or doesn’t, anyone who has lost faith, anyone who wants to uplift others, anyone who is confused about their purpose, anyone who doesn’t understand it. Fields of Faith is also a great event for people who are on fire for God because it gives them reassurance of what is important.”
Lange said students should attend the event because the atmosphere is both compassionate and positive.
“It changes peoples live for the better,” she said. “You uplift the people around you. Some people are very skeptical about the fact that is a religious event, but it is totally not the norm — it changes your perspective on things.”
Lange said, personally, attending a previous Fields of Faith event gave her spiritual strength and made high school more real.
“It opened my eyes,” she said. “It made me understand that, basically, you have to get back up when lifes gets you down. Hearing those testimonies from other people made me realize just how much more real it can be, and that people are struggling with the same things that I am.”
For more information about Fields of Faith, check out the “Fields of Faith KC” page on Facebook.