Administration distributes locker magnets recognizing Honor Roll students

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

Gold-colored magnets were recently placed on lockers throughout BV to congratulate honor roll students. The student’s grade point average (GPA) is on the back along with their name and grade.
Students with a magnet that read 4.0 or higher on the back are on the Principal’s Honor Roll. All other magnets signify that the student is part of the Regular Honor Roll.
Magnets for the spring Honor Roll are put on lockers yearly, either at the end of September or the beginning of October. Every student at BVHS has the opportunity to receive them aside from freshmen, because the magnets refer to a student’s GPA from the previous year. Black magnets for fall Honor Roll recipients are distributed in the spring, and all students who qualify receive those.
Annie Milbourn, a sophomore at BV, received a locker magnet and is on the principal’s honor roll. She said she was proud that all of her hard work paid off. “I was excited to see my GPA,” she said. “I didn’t know it before.”
Principal Scott Bacon said the school’s Site-Based Leadership (SBL) team came up with the idea of locker magnets.
“You go down the hallways and you see lockers adorned with athletic posters and recognition and things like that, but there wasn’t academic recognition,” he said. “The idea came up to put some sort of recognition on the lockers that would celebrate academic accomplishments — in particular, honor roll status.” he said.
Assistant Principal Mark Dalton said the recognition is good for students who might feel unnoticed for their success.
“Kids are on the honor roll, but it’s not like a sport where you see it, or an activity where it’s on stage or something,” he said.
Bacon said the magnets provide a way to recognize students who aren’t necessarily involved in an activity or a sport.
“If you’re doing a good job academically then we want to give you a pat on the back,” he said.