As Homecoming season continues for other schools, student reflects on attending multiple dances

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

This year, more Blue Valley students are attending multiple high school dances.
Sophomore Lauren Holland went to the BV Homecoming and the BV Southwest Homecoming. She said she was asked by one of her middle school friends.
“My middle school got split up between Southwest and Blue Valley, so I know a lot of people from both high schools,” she said.
During Holland’s freshman year she only attended BV’s dances, so this will be her first time going to a different school dance. She said that instead of buying all new things for both dances, she borrowed a few things from her friends for the sake of saving some money.
As much as she enjoyed getting ready for the dance, Holland said she had the most fun seeing all of her friends, since she doesn’t get to see them as often as she wants. “It was really interesting to see what everyone was like, and just to meet new people as well,” she said.
Holland said the parent volunteers did a really good job of keeping everything organized. “They had a really different set up, which I thought was pretty cool,” she said. BV Southwest had a coat check that was monitored and organized by parent volunteers, so students attending the dance didn’t have to worry about having anything lost or stolen.
Holland said going to a different homecoming was a really good experience, but she still didn’t think it beat BV’s homecoming. “I think that we overall had a better atmosphere compared to them,” she said. “There just weren’t very many people dancing, and it didn’t speed up until later in the dance.”