College Readiness Day occupies students of all grade levels, offers underclassmen college information and testing practice

Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

October 17th was much more than just a day without classes. It wasn’t just an excuse to postpone your homework one more day, or leave school early. Wednesday, October 17th was a very important day for everyone at Blue Valley.
For the freshman, the day began with a four-hour test called the PLAN test (Pre-ACT). Then, Tiger Mentors guided students through a variety of activities focused on succeeding in high school and setting goals.
Freshmen also participated in College-Readiness activities including four-year planning and receiving information about future high-school and college-level courses.
Freshman Meredith Strickland said she learned numerous lessons throughout the day.
“I learned that being involved in clubs is important and looks good on college applications,” said Strickland.
Sophomores and juniors had the choice of taking either the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) or a practice ACT test. Then after lunch, students went to the Performing Arts Center and listened to a panel of college students discuss challenges they’ve faced in college, and how to be prepared to face similar situations.
They then went to their Tiger Time classes to practice resume-writing and continue their four-year planning.
Junior Savannah Spicer found the activities of the day to be very constructive.
“I think taking the PSAT was the most beneficial ,” she said. “It does a good job preparing me for the real thing.”
Seniors participated in Community Service Day. Starting in September, seniors were informed of various volunteer opportunities, and in early October, they chose the location where they would complete their day of service.