Cheerleaders perform at Southwest Showcase competition, win in multiple categories

Colin Gregory, Staff Writer

The BV cheer squad won one of its biggest competitions of the year on Saturday, Nov. 10.
The competition, called the Southwest Showdown, was held at Blue Valley Southwest, and brought together district squads to compete.
The squad received the highest score at the competiton, with a rating of 1 and also received awards for Superior Pyramid, Technique, and Choreography.
The schools perform routines that they have been working on year-round, since this type of competition only happens twice a year.
“It’s really exciting but it’s also a lot of pressure,” senior cheerleader Steph Woltkamp said. “It’s a long day but it’s tons of fun.”
Senior cheerleader Jordan Coons said the worst part of the day was waiting.
“We are basically locked in one room together until we perform for a couple minutes,” she said. “It can get a little dry sometimes.”
Woltkamp said even though the waiting can be boring, the cheerleaders keep themselves entertained.
“There’s a lot of great bonding time with the rest of the team,” she said.
Woltkamp said for her, the hardest part was the week leading up to the competition.
“We had practice every day, trying to nail down the routine,” she said. “But since we won, it was totally worth it.”