Stadium renovations set to begin, spring sports face relocation

Kelly Cordingley, Editor in Chief

During the spring sports season, Blue Valley’s football stadium will undergo multiple renovations to both its exterior and technology.
“The last couple of years, we’ve had storms go through in the summer, which has done a bunch of damage to our current bleachers, and we needed to fix that,” Athletic Director Matt Ortman said. “Plus, the press box was getting old — a lot of things need to be repaired up there.”
Along with the press box, a brick façade will be added, approximately 700 seats will be added, the height will be increased by 8-10 feet and the press box will be expanded 10-20 feet.
Within the press box, new technology will be added.
“Some of the technology demands people require now to do TV and the radio, we aren’t as equipped to do as easily as we will be with the new press box,” Ortman said.
The funding for these renovations comes from the 2012 Bond.
Since these renovations will occur during the spring sports season, mul- tiple sports will be displaced to other schools. Girls soccer games are being moved to Blue Valley West’s soccer field, and the BV track relays are being moved to Blue Valley Northwest. West’s field is grass, while BV’s is turf.
“I don’t think it’ll have a huge ef- fect,” Ortman said. “The [soccer] girls aren’t as used to playing at West, but that’s where our boys play.”
Soccer coach K. Dean Snell said he doesn’t think the shift in game location will affect his players too much.
“Initially, there’ll be some adjust- ment,” he said.
Snell said it will be crucial for the players to focus on the game, not cir- cumstances.
“I’ll emphasize these are things out of our control,” he said. “We have to work on what we do have control over, which is our attitude.”
Soccer player senior Katie Davies said although she is glad the renova- tions are happening, she wishes she could finish out her senior year playing at BV.
“It kind of sucks,” Davies said. “I really wanted to finish at BV and have Senior Night be where I’ve played the past three years.”