National Art Honor Society continues work on Brick by Brick, discusses future plans

Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

Walk into Blue Valley. You see a large mural, composed of many large, blue puzzle pieces and a tiger. Student accomplishments are proudly written across it, an entire wall’s worth.
This is last year’s Brick by Brick, which National Art Honor Society (NAHS) co- president senior Katie Campbell helped make a reality.
“[NAHS 2012 co-presidents, graduates] Lauren Reardon and Meredith Schmidt painted it, and I know a couple other NAHS members helped,” she said. “[Senior] Katie Wynn and I drew the names.”
She said helping with last year’s Brick by Brick has helped her with this year’s mural.
“I didn’t realize how much time it really takes to get that all done,” Campbell said. “We have had a few problems in the past with timing on Brick by Brick, so we really want to make sure we get a jump start on it and get ahead before, you know, the big rush when the end of the year comes.”
Brick by Brick is created by NAHS members.
“Student-wise, Brick by Brick, starting last year, was the responsibility of National Art Honor Society,” NAHS sponsor Mark Mosier said. “Their job is to solicit from teachers information to put on Brick by Brick in addition to putting together the original concept of the overall design on the wall. Once that design was approved, then they were to draw and paint that on the chosen, select wall. After they had collected the information from the various teachers, then they start laying that out, or whatever you want to call it, on the wall.”
Each Brick by Brick stays on the wall for four years.
This year’s Brick by Brick will replace the previous mural of a Tiger and an iPod.
“The question is, ‘Can we leave them on for longer than a four year cycle?’” Mosier said. “We don’t have enough walls in the building to leave them all up. I guess we could leave them on a six-year cycle, maybe, but, at some point, they have to be painted over.”
Campbell said they work on Brick by Brick year-round.
“Basically, we’ve wanted to start discussing what was going to go on Brick by Brick by the end of this year,” she said. “Getting that started is really important. Then, we want to begin drawing it on the brick the beginning of [this year] and have it painted sometime midway through the end of the year and then written.”
Campbell said they are still working on the design for this year’s Brick by Brick.
“We obviously want to incorporate tigers somehow,” she said. “We’re thinking maybe a huge tiger stripe print, but it’s not anything solid yet.”
Mosier said he is a little concerned with the progress that has been made on this year’s Brick by Brick.
“I have encouraged the National Art Honor Society people, as much as possible, to be putting the design up, but, at this point, they have told me that everything is under control,” he said.
Mosier said the items on Brick by Brick go through an approval process before being put on the wall.
“Whatever students achieve, accomplish, whatever, whether it’s an athletic
or an academic honor, their sponsor or coach is supposed to submitting that first to [Principal Scott] Bacon who gives his stamp of approval,” he said. “Then it gets passed along to me either by email or by form, and then that form is given to the students. The wording and the names and the spelling and so on, on the form would be what the students would use to put the bricks up.”
Campbell said Brick by Brick celebrates student accomplishments.
“The goal is to showcase all the awards that were given to individuals and teams who were recognized throughout the year,” she said.