Anatomy/Physiology classes to begin cat dissection in upcoming weeks

Caroline Meinzenbach, Opinion Editor

In the last weeks of January, the Anatomy and Physiology classes will start dissecting cats and will continue until April.
Anatomy and Physiology teacher Larry Hare said this unit is unlike other classes.
“You can talk then you can see it hands on,” he said. “I love that aspect of the class.”
Hare purchases the cats from a biological supply company; five or six cats per class for six classes.
Sophomore Gracyn Carr said she knew about the dissection prior to taking the class, but signed up for it anyway.
“It’s gross,” Carr said. “I’m not touching the kitty cats unless I have to. But I wanted to try something new.”
Hare said the class has many preparations for the dissections.
“We read news articles about the pros and cons of dissections,” he said. “I go over our procedure and explain where [the cats] come from and what happened to them in their life.”
Senior Ani Mamisashvili said she is not looking forward to dissecting cats.
“It could be interesting,” she said. “It’s gross for me.”
Students bring in goggles and latex gloves on dissection days.
Hare said he sees a mixed reaction from the students doing the lab.
“I have kids that thoroughly enjoy dissection, but some don’t like it,” he said.
Hare said the class is a good experience for anyone interesting in going into a medical profession.
“It’s very applicable for people going into med,” he said. “It can solidify people who want to go into [medicine], and it can change some people’s mind too.”

Check back once dissections begin for photos of the process.

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