Baking Club preparing, beginning activities for second semester

Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

Baking Club held its first meeting Tuesday, January 22nd, and the club is mainly compiled of sophomore girls. The club was not active first semester, but president sophomore Kyana Tehrani said she hopes to make up for lost time.
Tehrani, one of few returning members, joined Baking Club last year.
“I just wanted to get involved and I really like baking,” she said, “so I thought I’d join.”
Tehrani said she loves Baking Club and the challenges that come along with it.
“It’s not high maintenance because we have a lot of fun,” she said, “but it’s not low maintenance because it keeps me busy.”
Sophomore Linden Hoffman, one of the club’s three vice presidents, said she is excited for the year ahead.
“My job is to help decide what recipes we’re going to make and help deliver the food we’re donating,” Hoffman said.
Tehrani said Baking Club will be donating some of the food its members make to local charities such as nursing homes and homeless shelters.
“We thought it was the right things to do,” she said.
Since the club is compiled of many sophomores, Tehrani hopes more upperclassmen will join.
“I think maybe they were intimidated by how many sophomores there were this year,” she said.
Tehrani said she is not intimated being a president as sophomore.
“I actually see it as an opportunity to meet new people and it will be really fun,” Tehrani said.
Hoffman said she thinks it’s a good thing that there are a lot of underclassmen in charge.
“I think it is actually good because it will continue for at least the next two years,” she said.
Tehrani said she is planning to see a lot of fun come out of this club and she is hoping a lot of people will join.
“I’m hoping to be one of the main clubs at the schools that everyone wants to join,” she said. “so hopefully that will happen this year.”
Baking Club meets every other Tuesday in the foods room. The first meeting is a 10-15 minute informational meeting, and the next is a baking day, and students can get community service hours for time spent cooking. Those interested in joining must bring $5 to the next meeting, which will be held Tuesday, February 5th.
Tehrani said it is a really easy club to join and by no means do members have to be “Top Chef” material.
“You don’t have to necessarily be good at baking,” she said. “You can just come with your friends. The more you’re involved the better, so why not.”