Construction displaces sophomore parking, creates problems for underclassmen

Caroline Meinzenbach, Opinion Editor

Due to football stadium renovations, all sophomores parking in the back lot must walk on the access road to get to school. ␣e previous route for many sophomores was through the backside of the stadium and practice ␣elds, and it is now blocked for construction trucks.
“Unfortunately, lowly sophomores suer because there is no place to park,” Campus Police Ocer
Dennis Randall said. “We are trying to open up access to walk across the visitor side of the stadium for the rest of the school year.”
Spring sports using the stadium and courts will be impacted by this construction, and tryouts and practices will be moved to new locations. Sophomore Emily McKinley parks in the back of the access road and said the construction makes it a hassle to walk into school in the morning.
“I have to get to school earlier to have time to walk to class,” she said. “It’s annoy- ing because it’s very cold.”
According to Randall, a couple of sopho- mores have tried scaling the fence instead of
going around the stadium.
“Instead of using common sense and walking, one indi- vidual tried to climb the fence,” Randall said. “He got his pants ripped, but he wasn’t hurt. We are no longer selling parking passes because it is full, so it is running smoother.”
Sophomores participating in a␣er school activities can park in the west parking lot before practice because it is free park- ing a␣er school.
“We are hoping construction runs smoothly,” Randall said. “␣e home stands will be super. It’ll be more seating and bring it up to date.”

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