Students create hot air balloons out of tissue paper for Chem project

Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

Throughout the end of April and beginning of May, all of the Blue Valley chemistry classes took part in a Hot Air Balloon project. Students were required to construct a hot air balloon to eventually be launched in the air and create a poster depicting the equations and measurements used in the balloon.
Students were paired with a partner and had two block days to work on the project in class and any other work students needed, had to be done on your own time.
Balloons were constructed through the use of colored tissue paper, glue, and a small amount of tape. To construct, students cut tissue paper into squares, which they glued into panels, and then glued to each other. To make the open shape at the bottom for the air to go through, students could use a bowl or rounded surface to shape the paper. Then the ends are supposed to be taped so they don’t break.
Students were allowed to take on themes for their balloons. Some of these themes include: Finding Nemo, sorts of foods, breast cancer awareness, and more.
This kind of project was fun for students because it helped them apply their knowledge in a fun and creative way.