Pizza dance scheduled for Sept. 6, tickets $3

Riley Miller, Opinion Editor

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Dance, Dance, Dance!
Tonight after Blue Valley’s first varsity football game against Gardner, the first official “Pizza Dance” of the 2013-2014 school year will take place in the commons from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Disk jockey Steve Serrano from local radio station Mix 93.3 will be there to supply the dance with the latest music hits. Students will be charged $3 and must have their student IDs to get in the dance. Other than that, all BV students are free to eat as much pizza as they desire and dance the night away.
Although it has been rumored that the Pizza Dance isn’t any fun, a few of this year’s seniors  have already taken to social media to get the word out about tonight’s Pizza Dance. One tweet sent from a student said: “Better see everyone at the Pizza Dance on Friday after the game, it’ll be fun and better than last year!”
Sophomore and member of BV’s new leadership class Lauren Holland said she hasn’t been to the Pizza Dance since freshman year but she’s considering going to this year’s.
“I think it’s important for students to go and just have fun with it,” she said.
Holland said it gives students, freshman especially, the chance to meet new people and build better relationships with their new classmates.
“It’s an opportunity to have a good time with the whole school and hopefully celebrate a win from the football team,” she said. “And it’s always a bonus to eat pizza.”
The next Pizza Dance will be on Nov. 1 after the varsity football game against Blue Valley West High School — so don’t worry if you’re going to miss this one, there are always more Pizza Dances to come. If you can, sport your BV Tiger pride and attend both Pizza Dances.