Students audition for fall play “Elephant’s Graveyard” on Sept. 25-26

Rachel Lock, Web Editor

This year’s fall play auditions will take place Sept. 25 and 26. Sign-ups will be outside the Black Box Theater, room 718, on the bulletin board. If you want to audition, the audition pieces will be outside the Black Box a few days before, and feel free to ask drama teacher Jeff Yarnell any questions. The fall play will be “Elephant’s Graveyard” by George Brandt.
Senior Maia Schoenberg said she will audition for the play and shared her thoughts on the upcoming audition.
“In the past, I’ve had lots of trouble with nerves, and I still get very nervous sometimes.” Schoenberg said. “I think my biggest challenge in the upcoming audition will be simply having time to work on my piece and getting fully prepared, which is crucial to a good audition.”
She also shared her advice for those planning to audition.
“I think it’s important to stay calm and remember that school theatre is a safe environment where we all just want to help each other improve, and auditioning here is a great way to get comfortable on stage.” Schoenberg said. “[Then,] you can go out into community and professional theatre and feel confident and secure in front of people who might not be as forgiving. School auditions are fantastic practice.”
Junior Jefferson Harwood, a participant in last year’s fall play, “Noises Off,” said he recommends auditioning.
“It’s a new opportunity,” he said. “Especially if you are looking for repertoire in your performances, then please, please audition.”
Check out the next edition of the paper on Sept. 27 for more details about the play.