Getting Involved: Lesser-known clubs offered to Blue Valley students highlighted, explained

Tori Pippins, Staff Writer

What is it? Youth Court is a club run by the state of Kansas, made up of students from the Blue Valley district. Youth Court Coordinator and Student Resources Officer Dennis Randall teaches students how the court system works, while also helping other students who have been tried as a juvenile in court get back on the right path through various redeeming activities. Students must receive prior training through the state of Kansas to join this club.
Who? Anyone.
When? Late-start Thursdays.
Why? “I think someone should join Youth Court, especially if they want community service hours,” senior Danny Vandervoort said. “It’s a really easy way to get them. I would say if you’re interested in being a lawyer or a judge as a potential career someday, it’s an awesome experience where you get real-world cases, but they’re watered down enough for high-school-age kids to handle. I think it’s a great experience to be in the courtroom more.”
For more information, contact Officer Randall.

What is it? Advised by social studies teacher Jenny Buchanan, Equestrian Club is a group for people to talk about horses. Recently, this club held a bake sale to raise money for a woman who lost horses when her barn burned down.
Who? Open to all grade levels.
When? Once a month.
Why? “If someone’s interested in a sport that is not commonly acknowledged through schools or any other medium that they’re exposed to, they can be exposed to Equestrian Club,” sophomore Elizabeth Vore said.
For more information, contact Buchanan in room 504.

What is it? Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a game where players create a character, then use combined efforts to work toward an ultimate goal. Students gather to determine how best to go at a certain situation, making decisions that can completely alter the storyline of the game.
Who? Anyone interested in meeting new people and playing the game. Open to all grade levels.
When? Every other Thursday after school in room 312.
Why? “If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a story you’ve read or watched in a movie, D&D lets you experience what it’s like to be the hero,” senior Nicholis Papazafiropoulos said.
For more information, contact sponsor Jill Gouger in room 312.

What is it? FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a group for students who want to further their skills in business. Advised by business teacher Ashley Scheurman, this group often participates in various debate-like competitions across Kansas City. Recently conjoined with DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), FBLA concentrates on all aspects of business.
Who? Anyone who wants to learn more about business. Requires having taken some form of business class, and an entry fee of at least $25.
When? About once a month.
For more information, contact Scheurman in room 503.

What is it? Photography Club is for students who are interested in photography and need a creative outlet. Led by photography teacher Michael Johnston, this club participates in school competitions every month, and each winner displays their photo in the Avenue of the Arts.
Who? Anyone interested in photography.
When? Twice a month on Thursdays.
Why? “You should really join Photography Club because it’s fun, and it’s exciting. We just have a good time.”
For more information, contact Johnston.