Senior boys to perform in Sweetheart dance routine Jan. 30

Maddie Jewett, Features Editor

Every year, a large group of boys in the senior class performs a dance for the Sweetheart assembly.
This year’s dance will be performed on Jan. 30 at the sweetheart assembly.
Senior Mitch McCroskey said he missed the first practice and almost couldn’t do the dance.
“I didn’t even know about the first practice until people asked me why I didn’t do it, so I had to ask Coach Wirt if I could join,” he said.
The boys do many different stunts that would be seen in a cheer routine.
“I’m a flier; however, I’ve had different bases every practice so far, so we have to start over again every time,” McCroskey said. “We will have a total of about 10 practices.”
McCroskey said the dance practices can be out of control at times.
“Practice is nuts,” he said, “No one listens to anyone, and then when we get something right we all freak out and start screaming for 10 minutes.”
McCroskey said his favorite part of being in the dance is flying.
“My favorite part [of doing the dance] has got to be flying,” he said. “I’m scared I’m going to fall and break something but, hey, that’s the name of the game, right?”
McCroskey said the rest of the school has a lot to look forward to regarding this year’s dance.
“[The crowd should look forward to] the jumping section of the dance,” he said. “The boys kind of channel our inner Miley [Cyrus] at one point, too.”