Q and A: Upcoming Class Dances on Jan. 30

Cassie Nichols, Staff Writer

1. What do you think of your grade’s class dance?
2. How do you think you will do in the competition?

Freshman Gracie Salts:
1. “Well, I think [the dance] is actually really good. It is really fun and upbeat.
2. “I’m not really sure how we will do because the dance is really good, but we don’t have that many people. It would be a lot better if there were more people.”

Sophomore Rachel Borcherding:
1. “I think the sophomore class dance is very fun. It is really creative because we incorporate Brycen and Garret’s dancing and some tumbling.”
2. “I think we will probably knock out the freshman and juniors because we have a lot of people in our dance. And we have practiced so hard on this dance. But the senior dance is always good, so I’m not sure that we will beat them.”

Junior Amanda Brown:
1. “I thought our dance was good until I heard about how awesome the other grade’s dances are. I think we will all do really good in the competition though.”
2. “I think we will all do really well in the competition because we’ve worked very hard, and even if we don’t rank highly, we had a lot of fun at practices bonding together.”

Senior Jansen Hess:
1. “I think the class dance is going to be pretty good — we have a few tricks up our sleeve. We’ve all been working really hard to get the choreography down, and, considering we’ve only had a month to plan it, I think it’ll be pretty good.”
2. “Our grade has always done really well in the class dance in the past, besides our freshman year. I don’t think this year will be any exception.”