Tilly’s: New trendy store opened at Town Center Plaza


Meredith Strickland, Staff Writer

Tilly’s is a store located at Town Center next to American Eagle. They sell clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, backpacks and even skateboards.
The style of 2014 has changed to a hipster and grunge look. Tilly’s carries various brands of clothing like Hurley, Vans, Los Angeles Reckless and Billabong.
Walking into the store, immediately there are workers asking if you need help without becoming annoying.
“I’ve always thought that the people who work there are very easy-going and are always willing to help you out,” sophomore Sophie Woltkamp said.
The left part of the store is dedicated to the girls’ section, filled with tops, skirts and pants. Many of these clothing racks are divided by the brand name. The clothes are patterned with artsy designs and tribal prints, giving a hipster appearance.
Tilly’s has a wide variety of plaid, button-up shirts that have become popular this year with different colors. The cost of a simple plaid tee is $26.99 from Tilly’s compared to Forever 21’s $19.80. Denim jeans from both stores are priced around $34.50 with the same quality.
Woltkamp said she usually buys sweaters and leggings from Tilly’s.
“I think the prices are pretty reasonable compared to other stores like Urban Outfitters,” Woltkamp said.
Simple shirts that can be found anywhere are typically cheaper, but larger brand companies are more expensive. One Billabong sweatshirt can cost up to $49.99. Though the labeled clothes are fashionable, the prices will be high from Tilly’s.
On the right side of the store, there is a large selection of different beanies, snapbacks and shoes. Along with the different accessories, Tilly’s sells different brand and colored beanies on the right wall — Neff, DC and Roxy beanies in different colors and patterns. Tilly’s mainly sells different colors of Converse, Vans and Nike SB’s on their shoe wall.
The boys’ section is also on the right with trendy tops and jeans. There are many lightweight sweatshirts with tribal prints or classic baseball sleeves. Many shirts from the boys section are from California Republic and Hurley, which are top brands offered by Tilly’s. The price of most lightweight hoodies from Tilly’s can be $29.38 with or without a unique print.
In the middle of the store, there is a stand hanging colorful skateboards. There are options of pennyboards, longboards and regular cruisers.
Before checking out, there are small stands that hold different phone cases, headbands, lanyards and jewelry.
Although Tilly’s may be more expensive than other stores like Wet Seal and Forever 21, the quality and style of Tilly’s overrules the high prices.
“I would say the clothes there are in style, but they are also for the people who aren’t afraid to be different in what they wear,” Woltkamp said.