A Day in the Life of Scott Bacon: Principal’s daily schedule outlined


Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

5 a.m. Wake up, workout

6 a.m. Eat breakfast, get ready, drive to school

7 a.m. Arrive at school, IEP (Individual Education Plan) Meeting

8 a.m. Meetings

  • Monday — Meet with administration team
  • Tuesday — Meet with counselors and school psychologist (assisting students)
  • Wednesday — Leadership Team (analyze school data about student performance)

9 a.m. Go around the building, go into classrooms,visit students about grades or attendance, teacher observations

10 a.m. Go down to cafeteria and interact with students

12 p.m. Attend district meetings, AP meetings, curriculum meetings or assessment meetings

2 p.m. Overtime (where students can or are required to go for help on homework, finish assignments)

3 p.m. Workout in Fitness Center

4 p.m. Attend a variety of activities the school holds such as choir concerts, school plays, Friday night football games, basketball games, talent shows, etc.


“I enjoy coming to work,” principal Scott Bacon said. “I am fortunate in that I like my job and the people I work with. So, I enjoy the beginning of the school day seeing students and staff. I also enjoy going home to my family in the evening and being involved in the events of their day. Being involved in the life of the school helps me in developing positive relationships with our students and staff. I learn a lot about our students and staff as I watch them in various activities. I thoroughly enjoy watching and interacting with the members of our school community.”