Sweetheart 2014 Wrap-up


Cassie Nichols, Staff Writer

Students from each grade, faculty members, senior boys and the cheerleaders all prepared and performed dances at the Sweetheart assembly on Thursday, Jan. 30. Senior boys prepared a Justin Timberlake mash-up to perform with the cheerleaders at the Sweetheart assembly on Jan. 30. Freshman prepared a mash-up of Beyonce songs to perform in front of the school. Sophomores danced to a Britney Spears mash-up, taking second place overall in the class competition. Juniors had a dance to the songs of Katy Perry, wearing brightly colored neon clothing. Seniors performed a two-minute routine including songs from Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. Staff members practiced a routine of their own with various songs including “What Does the Fox Say?”

Class competition results:
First place: seniors
Second place: sophomores
Third place: juniors
Fourth place: freshmen

Raise your Voice: What did you most enjoy about the Sweetheart Dance?
“Going to IHOP afterwards, and, as the cool kids say, ‘chillaxing with the homies.'” — sophomore Joe Nicol
“Dancing and partying with all my friends and classmates.” — sophomore Chloe Breau
“Well, I like to slow dance. But if you meant the whole night, the food. Because you know… food.” — sophomore Jackson Hundelt
“I got to see tons of friends having a good time, and my mom was working there. Hi, Mom!” — sophomore PJ Meacham

Links to the videos of each dance
Drill team
Senior boys and cheerleaders
Senior class
Junior class
Sophomore class
Freshman class

Suggestions for last-minute businesses for Sweetheart festivities:

Best places to find dresses
1. Windsor
2. Nordstroms
3. Bebe

Best places to find dresses online
1. Xenia
2. tobi
3. Prom Girl

Best places to eat dinner
1. Cinzetti’s
2. Kyoto’s
3. PF Changs

Best places to get your nails done
1. Zenail
2. Four Seasons

Best places to tan
1. The Tan Co.
2. Solarium
3. Celcius

Best places to get accesories
1. Charming Charlies
2. Francesca’s
3. Forever 21

Best places to get boy’s ties
1. Macy’s
2. Men’s Wearhouse
3. Dillards

Best places to get your hair done
1. Beauty Brands
2. Double Take Salon and Spa
3. Z Hair Academy