SWITCH: Q&A with NAHS co-president senior Meghan Fitzgerald


Sally Cochran, Editor in Chief

Question: Why was SWITCH moved to April?
Answer: “Usually, we would have it in the winter, and that’s what we preferred, but it got overbooked this year. [SWITCH] was originally scheduled for a Saturday night, and we didn’t think we’d have as big of a show out on a Saturday versus a Friday, so we found an open date in spring to do it on a Friday night.”

Q: What can students look forward to at SWITCH?
A: “We are going to have a room where people can take a break from dancing and hang out, and that is where the food and drinks will be. We will have a fashion show as usual. There will also be body crayons and beads for sale, and we always pass out glowsticks for everyone. As usual, the dance will have lots of lights and strobes.”

Q: What makes SWITCH different from other dances?
A: “SWITCH is different because it’s a lot more casual. You don’t have to feel like you have to get really dressed up or worry about finding a date. You just come out with your friends, and you dress really crazy versus fancy. It’s just a fun event.”

Q: Why should students attend SWITCH?
A: “Students should attend SWITCH because it’ll give you something to do on a Friday night, and it’s different than all of our other dances. People always remember SWITCH as ‘the neon dance.’ It’s really fun because [Mix 93.3 disk-jockey] Steve Serrano comes out. There’s a lot of different stuff to do while you’re there, too.”

Q: What are some ideas for SWITCH outfits?
A: “Tutus are always seen at SWITCH. Crazy colored leggings or anything with glitter on it. Some people come out with face paint. Just anything neon and bright.”