International News Explained

Sheila Gregory, Co-Editor

On July 17, another disaster struck the already infamous Malaysian Airlines. Passenger flight MH17 was shot from the sky over the Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. Washington believes the Ukrainian government was not involved and suspects the attack was orchestrated by pro-Russian separatists. There has been conflict in regions of Ukraine after the peninsula of Crimea was annexed back to Russia, which most officials viewed as a power-grab on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s part. Investigations on who shot down this commercial flight, which posed no security threat to either Ukraine or Russia, have not produced a guilty party as of August 5. Suspicions do point toward Russia, seeing as it has been an aggressive nation under Putin’s rule. The consensus with Russian involvement has been agreed to everywhere except Russia. One of the most pro-Russian propaganda news stations directs the blame toward the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who is allegedly out to destroy the Russian economy.

Tensions have always been high between Israeli and Palestinian extremists. While most conflicts between the neighboring nations have seemed like a sideshow to the rest of the world, recent events have drawn the world’s attention. As of July 27, there were over 1,000 Palestinians dead from the conflict. Forty-four Israelis have been killed — 40 of whom were soldiers.
It is unclear who initiated the latest round of bombings, but both nations claim self-defense. 
United States officials believe Israel needs to give up its control on the ports of the Gaza Strip and provide free access to enter and exit the strip. A cease-fire was called for 24 hours Sunday July 27 for humanitarian relief to the decimated streets of Gaza.