Blue Valley schools perform in District Marching Festival, amuse audience

Isabelle Allen, Photo Editor

On Sept. 29, all Blue Valley high schools joined together at the Blue Valley District stadium to perform in the 33rd annual District Marching Festival.
All Blue Valley schools have been working since the beginning of the year to prepare for this festival.
The festival was introduced with The Red & Silver Brigade’s “Inside Out,” from BV West. The props included in the performance added interest, and their time on the field was well worth watching.
Next up was The Marching Mustangs from BV North. Their performance, “mOZaic,” was based off “The Wizard of Oz” and also included other Kansas allusions.
Following was Blue Valley High’s “In The Spotlight.” This ensemble created a set that highlighted their spirit, while also including the Tigerettes.
Continuing the festival was “Shades of Latin” by BV Northwest. This unique band performance used props, festive music and movements that emphasised the Latino culture.
The concluding band was Emerald Regiment from BV Southwest, performing “Sunrise to Sunset.” This unique performance showed the interpretive side of the events among the time from sunrise to sunset.
Together, these five schools made a festival to remember for the entire school district to enjoy.