Grabbing her camera, she shoots what catches her interest.

After brainstorming the setup of her subject, she finds the perfect lighting.

Loading the picture onto her computer, she uploads it onto her blog.

She creates a caption and explanation of her post.

She now shares her content with the world.

Junior Jillian Bode created her blog at the beginning of the summer, featuring her interests.

“I decided to make a blog because I was constantly looking at other people’s blogs, and I was getting a lot of inspiration from them,” Bode said. “So, I just decided to go for it and make my own.”

Bode said she created her blog by searching for blog websites and then signed up to create a theme she liked.

On her blog, she shares several different types of posts about hair, food or traveling accessories.

“The ideas for different posts usually come from new hair ideas that I have seen on someone else and want to try,” Bode said. “I use [hair ideas on the blog] if they turn out well. A lot of the things I see on Instagram and Pinterest inspire me, or [I post] anything I think is worthy of being shared.”

Maintaining her blog is not an issue for Bode as she said she posts whenever she would like to.

“I usually come up with new ideas about every week, but I’m not posting on any certain day of the week,” she said. “It is mainly random updates.”

Bode said she loved making her blog and aspires to use it in her career.

She said she is inspired by two different bloggers that captured her attention.

“I really like and,” Bode said. “[The bloggers] are super stylish, and I love what they post.”

Each post on Bode’s blog usually includes one picture with a description of why it was posted or what it is. Bode said she wants her blog posts to be high-quality, so she uses her Canon SX500 IS to take pictures.

“I edit some of the photos I put on the blog with some photography apps on my phone, just to make it look a little better,” Bode said.

Bode said she is proud of how successful her blog has become.

“I’m not sure exactly how many people have seen my blog, but a few weeks ago, I got a notification that it hit over a thousand views,” she said. “I get comments from friends and people at school saying what they liked.”

Bode said she tries to be different with her blog to inspire others to try new things.

“I try to make my blog somewhat unique by posting hair ideas and just sharing other posts that I personally would want to click on if I was looking through someone else’s blog,” she said.