Scammed out of Summer: Popular Disney cartoon causes grievances for staffer

Scammed out of Summer: Popular Disney cartoon causes grievances for staffer

Makayla Nicholis, Staff Writer

There’s 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it. But the annual problem for our generation is we don’t actually get 104 days of summer vacation.

This past summer, Blue Valley School District offered us 70 feeble days off before sucking us back into the halls of schedules and homework. And if they thought they could snatch an entire month away from us unnoticed, they can consider themselves busted.

Because when I was in elementary school, I didn’t even worry about going back to school until Labor Day weekend.

When my mom was a kid, classes after Memorial Day were unheard of.

Now, school’s rolled around before we even have the chance to say, “Hey, where’s Perry?”

So, what happened?

Supposedly, summer is meant for rest, so the brain can properly function when it’s time to use it again for school.

However, summer is also an opportunity to take a break from preparing for life so we can actually live said life.

We’re getting less than a fourth of the year to experience the world before getting thrown back into the pit for more mental development.

How am I supposed to build a rocket, create a backyard beach, defeat a bully, become a superhero, compose a one-hit-wonder, get the band back together and possibly have the best day ever if I hardly even have the time to take a nap before school starts back up again?

The summertime months include June, July and August, and that’s still only three out of twelve months of the year.

All students want is enough time to make some of the best memories they’ll ever have before it’s too late to make them.

After high school graduation, some of us may never even get another summer break again.

We have to enjoy these opportunities while they last, which is pretty hard to do when we have to worry about going back to school the moment the final bell rings.

Pretty soon, summer vacation will be no more than a three-day weekend to enjoy, and then it’s back to the books we go.

BV needs to clean up this mess before mom gets home because I refuse to believe Disney Channel is lying to me about how much summer I should be getting.