Photo Gallery: Hagcoming

Photo Gallery: Hagcoming

1. Junior Hampton Williams watches the band Oils perform at Hagcoming. Willams became president of NAHS this year. “I don’t usually go to school events,” Williams said. “It was cool that all the kids that don’t usually go to school events went to a school event.”

2. Bass player Nicky Stahl performs with Your Friend. Junior Kelly Wood attended Hagcoming as the vice president of NAHS. “It was a totally laid back, relaxed trip,” Wood said. “I felt like I’ve recovered seven personal revelations just from being there. It was the bomb.”

3. Strumming the guitar, junior Addie Sartino plays an original song at the dance. This was the first gig Sartino performed with her band. “I’ll remember it forever,” Sartino said. “There’s nothing I love more than performing.”

4. Senior TJ Weiss poses with friends at a photo booth. The photobooth was a donation from BV parent Patty Thompson to NAHS for the evening. “Music, food and festivities all for $5,” Weiss said. “[It was an] amazing night.”

5. Bishop Miege senior Manion Kuhn dances during a break between sets. Kuhn attended the event as a guest. “It was the best school dance I’ve ever been to,” sophomore Alli Carrigan said. “It had good music and not crappy DJs.”