The Keystone Pipeline Is A Must

Garrhett Hurst, Fall 2014 J1 Student

The Keystone  Pipeline Project is a proposed 1,179-mile, 36-inch-diameter crude oil pipeline, beginning in Hardisty, Alta in Canada., and extending south to Steele City, Nebraska. According to


However, this oil pipeline has not been built yet. The Keystone  Pipeline is estimated to produce 20,000 direct jobs, and more than 100,000 indirect jobs. This pipeline could account for 40 percent of America’s oil, but opponents of the pipeline argue environmental concerns.


The State Department’s review of the Keystone Pipeline showed there would be no large environmental impact with the construction of the Pipeline. This partnership with Canada would help the United States become more oil dependent and ease our dependence on hostile Middle East countries.


The United States desperately needs to become more oil dependent, so it can control its own economy and not be governed by the oil prices other countries set.


The Keystone Pipeline is a must for America.


After being under review by The State Department for three years, and finding no significant environmental concerns, every American should be on board for the construction of this pipeline.


If this Pipeline is not approved, Canada will still refine its own oil, but instead of creating American jobs, it will create Canadian jobs. This oil would not be shipped to America and be used by American’s but to China, a potential adversary.


It is imperative we build the Keystone Pipeline because it would be beneficial to our economy. Thousands of jobs would be created, and America would be producing more oil.

Through economic growth and independence, building the Keystone Pipeline would make America a stronger and more stable country.