Kansas City Royals: Fight for the World Series

Jack Berg, Fall 2014 J1 student

The Kansas City Royals are fighting for the World Series because they finally made it to the playoffs.

The Kansas City Royals hadn’t made it to the playoffs since 1985, until now. 1985 is when the Royals won their only world series.

“I think the recent winning streak is great,” freshman Louie Pires said. “I’m a big fan of the Royals, so I am very happy. The Royals are pitching really good, so we just need to hit the ball, and we will keep winning.”

In the last seven years, the average fan turnout at home games was 21,037, and this year, the average fan turnout was 24,154. That is a difference of over 3,000 fans.

“The pitching staff has been doing really great this year, and is definitely the key to success,” said Pires.

This regular season, the Royals have statistically two of the best relief pitchers in baseball, Wade Davis and Greg Holland. This year, Davis has a 0.94 earned run average (ERA). Holland has a 1.54 ERA, with the most saves in the American League.

“Greg Holland is definitely the best pitcher on the team. He is very consistent, with only two blown saves, and was the starting closer for the American League in the All Star Game,” said Pires.

Davis also had the longest inning streak with no runs earned.

Although the Royals pitching staff has been holding their own, the batting has not been doing as great. They don’t have a single player with a batting average over .300, with at least 50 at bats.

“Our batting is not doing so great,” Pires said. “We have had a lot of games where if the other team has two runs on us early, we are out of it for the entire game, because we leave too many runners on base.”

“To be successful, all the Royals have to do is keep winning,” Pires said.