BV Volleyball

Taylor Nagel, Fall 2014 J1 student


staff writer

The Freshman A volleyball team has started the season with a record of 15-2.

The team started their season off with the Freshman Jamboree Tournament, including three pools and bracket play. Blue Valley took first place.

“We have a long way to go,” Coach Peggy Rose said.  “[There have been] some positives, but [we’re] working on playing together as a team, being in the right defensive positions, getting used to the setters, and setters used to the hitters.”

The team has many away games this season. They had two at home this year.

“I’m really excited for going away to other games and just having fun with all the people on the team,” freshman A player Tali Amjadi said. “[And] playing a lot of volleyball and having big victories together.”

Rose said the team has a lot of experience on the court, but they do not have consistent setting and their communication is weak.

Rose has been a BV volleyball coach for the past 34 years.

“The past experience of the players both helps and hurts — they come in at a pretty high level, but also think there is only one way to get the job done and are hesitant to make changes in their technique or style of play,” Rose said. “I have to convince them.  The freshmen are usually a pretty fun and enthusiastic group with high expectations for themselves.  Keeping them focused and working hard can be a struggle.”

While the coaches are busy coaching and the players busy playing, there has to be someone to help keep everything on track. The job of a manager is to take stats and help the coaches when they need assistance. During a game, the manager has to keep track of every players action, whether thats serving or passing a ball.

“I take stats during games and I get stuff — water, and balls and other things for the players to work out with,” freshman A manager Aubree Stephens said.