Starving for a Change

Jenna Rola, Fall 2014 J1 student

One teacher at Blue Valley began the “Soups for Superman” food drive this year to encourage students to donated canned soup.  All of the donations went to the Blue Valley Multi-Service Center (BVMSC) to support hungry people within the BV community.


“We thought that would be a great way to help support folks right here in our community,” physics teacher John Holloway said.


Holloway said he was pleased to raise 480 cans to help out individuals all over Johnson County. The BVMSC provides all different types of support for struggling individuals.


“They provide a lot of different services [including] house stuff for people,” Holloway said. “Maybe somebody has been laid off, and they need emergency support for rent or for gas. They also help provide food.”


Mckenna said “Soups for Superman” was a valuable experience all of the students who participated in the food drive and supported Holloway’s efforts.

“I learned that there are simple ways to make a difference and not everything needs to be a grand gesture,” junior Josie McKenna said.

Mckenna said Holloway’s efforts brought attention to the problem of hunger within Johnson County.


“I was shocked because it is so large, but at the same time it was already what I expected, McKenna said. I just had an idea of false hope. This information makes me consider just how fortunate I am.”


McKenna said students in BV are encouraged by faculty and counselors to volunteer at local charities.  There are many organizations and ways to provide support.


“I mainly volunteer through my church. I try to get involved when they go on mission trips, and I typically try to go when they visit Harvesters,” McKenna said. “I also volunteer a lot through the school.”


McKenna said The importance of the hunger crisis is often not focused on in schools.  Many including McKenna hope that schools provide more emphasis on taking action to combat hunger.

“I think school should do a lot more, because there are a bunch of people out there who can use our help.  It feels good to help others get something as simple as food”