Kelsie McFadden, Fall 2014 J1 Student

Everyone knows the stereotypes that come with living in Johnson County. JoCo inhabitants are tacked to presumed labels about their morals, favorite clothing brands and even how they spend their time.

Living in such a cliched community can seem awful at times, but it’s definitely something that most people take for granted.

For starters, education here in Johnson County is one of the most complained about things by the teens who live here. They hate all the hard work they have to put into their education, when in reality they’re practically being spoon-fed the material.

The teachers in Johnson County are dedicated to making their students succeed, and unfortunately that’s not the case in many other parts of America. Teachers cut the students here a lot of slack compared to other schools.

Although the workload may seem overwhelming, even getting the chance to have an education is a gift in itself that students should not complain about.

Teenagers growing up here also have a seemingly unlimited number of things to do with their futures. They are prepared for college when they graduate but can do virtually anything they want.

That’s the cool thing about Johnson County — it creates young adults who are ready to excel in whatever field they feel is right for them. The sad truth is that many teens around the world aren’t given that freedom, so it’s definitely something to take advantage of.

Look around at all the modernized technology that surrounds you.

If you didn’t live here, odds are you wouldn’t be seeing that.

JoCo may feel suffocating and stressful at times, but there is so much more going on behind the scenes that we should be appreciative of.