Keep Calm and Dance On

Hannah Kelly, Fall 2014 J1 Student

Many students and staff members of Blue Valley would agree the traditions of the BV Dance Team have changed dramatically over the past year. Some changes include the amount of girls on the team, an assistant coach and the dance team being featured on the sidelines of home football games along with the cheerleaders. This year, the team includes 24 girls — creating a much bigger team compared to last year’s 12-member team. “The team is more visible throughout the school,” coach Katie Burris said. “From a choreographer’s standpoint, we have many more options.” Another new addition to the team includes a new assistant coach, Jennifer Duke. Coach Burris said having an assistant coach is a great addition to the team because there is a lot of busy work that is done behind the scenes and having an assistant to share the responsibilities has been a huge help. “I think it’s actually really helpful,” sophomore Grace Micke said. “She does a lot of extra little things.” The team began cheering on the football games on the sidelines. Members Micke and Colie agree that participating in sidelines has been a key activity to the dance team becoming more well known throughout the school. “I do [enjoy watching the dance team perform on the sidelines] because the cheerleaders are on more of the student side, the parents get to see the dance team so it’s not just one side taking over,” sophomore Sydney Kitt said. Team members expect even more positive changes to come in the future for the dance team which makes for a very important and exciting year. “It [being more active throughout games, etc.] shows people who we are.” Micke said.