Bella Umentum, Fall 2014 J1 student

Recently the professional football season has started up. Bart Umentum, father of a Blue Valley freshman, his son Brett Umentum and freshman Tali Amjadi said they are all very excited about the NFL season starting up again. NFL fans like to watch the football games. “I’m excited to watch [the games] with my family and friends,” Amjadi said. Amjadi said she is a Green Bay Packers fan. “My family has always liked the Green Bay Packers, so I always loved the team as well,” she said. Bart Umentum, a huge NFL fan, said he has watched football as well as played football since he was a child. “The Arizona Cardinals would probably do well along with the Cincinnati Bengals,” he said. “I hope the Green Bay Packers will do better.” “Super Bowls are celebrated in different ways… but it’s a time to share with friends and family.” Said Bart Umentum. Amjadi said celebrating the Super Bowl for her is “Getting together with her family and friends, just having fun with each other.” “Football is an experience whether you’re playing or watching [it].” Brett Umentum, young recreational football player, said that football is a big part of who he is. “Football does affect me, it makes me a stronger person,” Brett said. “Football buffs up my confidence, [and it] makes me feel stronger.” “Football helps me to be who I am,” Brett Umentum said.