Transfer Students

Deni Burns and Ian Curry, New Students

In addition to all the freshman starting at Blue Valley this year, there are also tons of new transfer students in other grades at BV.

Starting freshman year, Deni Burns and Ian Curry both followed their middle school class’s into high school hoping to have a better time. They are currently in 11th grade.

“I went into high school with my head up but after two years at Blue Valley West,” Burns told us. “I was ready to get out of that school.”

These students shared the opinion that BV would be a better school for them.

Ian Curry tells us, “I left Rockhurst in hope to have a better high school experience, and meet better friends,” Curry said. “Although i left some friends behind there, i will always be close with them.”

“Differences of Blue Valley are pretty big, especially when switching from Catholic/Private school to a Public school.” Curry said.

Burns tells us, “BV is much different from West, the layout was a huge change since West had three floors. When BV  is just one floor and six different hallways, so it makes walking around much more crowded.”

“I don’t have to put on that same boring uniform every single day of the week,” said Curry. “No more church services during school, and religion is not something anyone has to discuss here.”

Big differences in testing, teaching, and anything about learning.

“Teachers are way more willing to get you help no matter what, we have this 30 minute time period(TCB) to go and get help if we’re struggling,” Burns explained. “If not, we get out at 2:20 every Wednesday which is awesome!”

Deni is a part of Rebel, and Ian is a member of the Chorales, Choir.

“I’m happy to be a part of such a great group, helping out and putting smiles on peoples faces.” said Deni.

“I joined the Chorales Choir here at Blue Valley and have never been more happy with something, the people i’ve met have made a huge impact on my life,” Curry tells us. “I love to sing and being able to be a part of a talented group like them is great.”

Both seem to be enjoying Blue Valley pretty great.