People’s Parking Problems

Andrea Mundakkal , Fall 2014 J1 student

Sophomores were able to drive and park at school since 2011 at Blue Valley, but this freedom has been restricted for majority of the sophom ores this year. This is due to construction taking place in the designated area for sophomore parking. “Normally sophomores would park back on the gravel road,” BV Campus Police Officer Dennis Randall said. “Since we are doing the new construction back there, we didn’t have that available to us. So that really limited our parking this year.” The construction is adding new athletic fields to the campus, but it’s taking away more than 200 parking spots. “I really wish they would have had a back-up plan for the sophomores,” sophomore Hannah Kelly said. “I know they gave out [about] 30 spots, but there is still a larger number of sophomores without parking spots.” Since the seniors and juniors have priority, the sophomore class is only given a limited number of spots. Giving out the remaining parking passes began the week of September 8 and had ended by the end of the week. “We notified that they should come in and we had a drawing,” Randall said. “We only had 28 spots left.” These passes are given out through a lottery, where names are picked randomly.To enter the lottery, students were required to own a restricted license and be able to give information about their car. Sophomores without parking passes also choose to park in the nearby neighborhoods, still driving to school, but having to take more time. “I drive, but I have to park in the neighborhood, and then I walk for at least 10 to 15 minutes just to get to school,” Kelly said. Rules have been instigated for those who choose to park in neighborhoods, making it more difficult and time consuming, Kelly said The construction will only affect the parking spots this year. After the construction, new parking spots will be added to create more space. “We should be back up and running in full by the next school year,” Randall said.