Gender Equality Club aims to spread feminism at BV

Gennifer Geer, Managing Editor

On a mission to mar misogyny, senior Taylor Morton founded Gender Equality Club.

“I decided to start it because we thought it was something our school could benefit from,” Morton said.

During club meetings, members bring news articles relating to gender inequality and discuss possible cases of gender discrimination. Among these are issues occurring at Blue Valley.

“We talk about dress code and the way females students are perceived by teachers as opposed to male students,” Morton said. “I think female students are under a more intense microscope than male students are. If you don’t behave a certain way, then you’re perceived as x, y, z negative whereas a lot of male students can get away with things that girls can’t.”

Though some people believe feminism isn’t relevant anymore, Morton said further effort is necessary.

“Obviously, things have gotten better since this country started in terms of women liberation, but we do have a long way to go before women are competing in the same category as men and [are] treated equally,” she said.

Those categories includes science, technology, engineering and math fields, which Morton said lack women participation.

“It goes back to the fact that teachers tend to call on male students more and with male students talking out of turn, they tend to excuse it,” she said. “I think this happens a lot in math and science because we naturally associate males with math and science.”

Morton said the acknowledgement of gender inequality is an important step in stopping it.

“Sexism isn’t over just because women have the right to vote,” she said. “It’s something everybody needs to be aware of to make the school and the world a better place.”