Blue Valley High- Gay Straight Alliance

The acception of persons on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum


The Blue Valley Gay-Straight Alliance hosted the talent show on Sept. 19. They handled ticket sales, opened the doors of the Performing Arts Center and handed out programs.

GSA member freshman Alex Weiss said, “I know most of the people in the GSA are part of the tech and crew,” Weiss also said the GSA accepts all sexualities and gender identities.

Freshman Nick Lamberti, who is also a GSA member, said,  “It’s a safe space for students in the LGBTQI+ community,”

The GSA is advised by Spanish teacher Jill Gouger, who fully supports the cause. Donations and money earned at the talent show was given to a local charity that provides housing for victims of abuse.

Lamberti said he thinks Blue Valley Middle School should have its own GSA.

Weiss agrees that the middle school should have a GSA of their own, and would encourage kids at the Blue Valley Middle school to look into starting a club.

“I think it could really help some questioning middle schoolers go through that now instead of when they’re seniors in high school,” Weiss said.