The Struggle is Real

Students work to balance their busy schedules.

Ehler_InfographicMany students at Blue Valley struggle to balance their activities. Challenging classes, sports, jobs and extracurriculars fill up their schedules.

Sophomore Julie Freijat takes AP classes, works as a waitress and is involved in debate and newspaper.

“Debate takes up weekends because I have tournaments,” Freijat said, “Newspaper takes up time because we have late nights, or I’m writing articles.”

Sophomore Caitlyn Dusthimer said she also has a busy schedule. She takes AP classes, hostesses, plays softball, is the communications officer for the Latin Club and manages wrestling.

“Latin club [I spend] maybe an hour a week, and then wrestling managing [takes] a lot [of time],” Dusthimer said.

Both Freijat and Dusthimer said they struggle with finding time for homework.

“Sometimes I do it at work — other times I do it really really late at night,” Freijat said.

Dusthimer said she does homework at “odd times.”

“I usually do [homework] during the Latin Club meeting, during managing and after work,” Dusthimer said.

Getting enough sleep is Freijat’s biggest struggle with her schedule, she said.

“I usually fall asleep at 12 or 1 after I’m done doing all [my work],” Freijat said. “I’m exhausted when I come home, and I have to work or finish homework.”

Freijat said she constantly feels like she doesn’t have enough time to get everything done.

“I’ll have panic attacks or freak out because I don’t know [if] I’ll get something done,” Freijat said.

Dusthimer said she deals with the stress by pep talking.

“I try to stay calm and [say], ‘It’s not like this one assignment going to affect me,’” Dusthimer said.

Freijat suggests to “just relax and sit outside for a few minutes” when feeling stressed.

“I just try and sit and listen to music or write.” Freijat said.

While Dusthimer suggests getting homework during free time, Freijat tries to prioritize by order of importance.

“My schoolwork [comes] before my job and activities,” Freijat said. “That’s always what should be coming first: my grades.”