Freshman share their opinion on first homecoming dance

Homecoming for Blue Valley is coming up October 3. Students have the chance to go the dance with a date or anyone they would like to go with. “I’m excited to go to my first homecoming dance! It’s fun that I get to be asked by a guy, and I don’t know who’s asking me- it makes it more anticipating!” said freshman Hanna Jones. The freshman girls and guys at BV have different views on a guy asking a girl to homecoming.“Being a guy asking a girl for some is scary because you don’t know if they will turn you down” said freshman Thomas Rodriguez.The normal Homecoming- ask at BV consistCarolone eathery infographics of the guys often asking girls with a sign with a funny saying or maybe putting the word “Homecoming” on a cookie cake. “I usually get the idea from the girls friends” said Rodriguez. “In some girl’s perspective this is the best part” said Jones. “I really like not knowing who’s going to ask you but, the scary reality is it might not be someone you would like to go with,” said Jones. Some BV students have also gone with a friend or a group of friends. “I’m choosing to ask a girl to homecoming because I think it will be fun because I can also go with a group with my good guy friends and their dates” said Rodriguez.

Before Homecoming, some people choose to go somewhere to eat before the dance but this can be tough restaurants to accommodate large groups.With homecoming coming up this Saturday, some homecoming groups are scrambling to find restaurants with enough seats for their group.

“My group has still not figured out where we’re going to eat, but some of my friends booked a table at a restaurant before they even got a date” said Rodriguez. “I’m most excited about the plans before the dance; taking photos together and eating with my group. I’ve never been to a homecoming dance before, so I have no idea what to expect,but I know it will be something I never forget” Jones shares.