BV Drama

Students talk about experiences with the BV drama department

Elena Bass, Fall 2015 j1 Student

The drama department at Blue Valley has impacted thousands of students throubass_infographicghout the years.

Freshman Lauren Brucker said students have been able to obtain life lessons, as well as become stronger actors.

Freshman Carlie Sauntry said acting is something students enjoy at Blue Valley, and it allows students to help better themselves.

“I love acting, and I love being on stage and interacting with people,” Sauntry said. “I like being able to be someone that I am not every single day. Getting to play a different person — it’s a fun experience.”

Sauntry and Brucker said they believe many things can be learned through drama that most other activities couldn’t provide.

“You learn how to be courageous, develop perseverance and can help you later in life,” Brucker said. “It also helps you develop social skills while working with a cast.”

Both students agreed acting helps the performer obtain much more than theatricalskills. These are skills that can be carried all through life, they said.

“After high school, I want to become an actress and eventually be on Broadway,” Sauntry said. “I want to be able to sing and act in front of people.”

Sauntry said performing impacts young actors in a tremendous way.

Both Sauntry and Brucker said they enjoy being on stage. They bring the energy and love they have for acting into the production.

“Performing makes me excited, and it gives me this rush of adrenaline,” Sauntry said. “I stand on the stage, and I feel that is where I belong.”